Immigration New Zealand

Immigration New Zealand (INZ), formerly known as the New Zealand Immigration Service, is part of the New Zealand Government Department of Labour. INZ has the sole jurisdiction to process and decide on New Zealand visa and permit applications. The INZ website at provides comprehensive information and links and should always be referred to as the definitive guide on current New Zealand immigration policies and items of interest (although even experts sometimes have difficulty within this site!).

Visa and permit applications are usually processed by the nearest INZ branch with branches located throughout New Zealand and in several overseas countries. Each INZ branch is generally divided into processing teams which administer either temporary or residence applications.

New Zealand INZ Branches
Auckland - Central, Henderson and Manukau
Palmerston North

Offshore Branches


Apia, Samoa
Beijing and Shanghai, China
Bangkok, Thailand
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Hong Kong
Jakarta, Indonesia
London, Great Britain
Los Angeles and Washington DC, USA
Moscow, Russia

New Delhi, India
Nuku'alofa, Tonga
Suva, Fiji
Sydney, Australia
Taipei, Taiwan
Tarawa, Republic of Kiribati
The Hague, Netherlands


For countries which do not have an INZ branch applications may be lodged with the representative New Zealand Embassy or New Zealand Foreign Affairs Department who may be able to provide limited visa processing capability.


Some visa and permit applications can be processed electronically through the INZ I-Branch including most Working Holiday Visa applications. The applicant must use a credit card to pay the application fees.


Several tertiary institutions also have an arrangement directly with INZ to process their own student Permit & Visa applications and graduate work permits.  All other on-shore student applications are currently processed through the INZ Palmerston North Branch.

Business Migration Branch - BMB
All business applications - Long Term Business Visas (LTBVs), Entrepreneur Residence and Investor Residence applications are processed in Wellington by the Business Migration Branch. The BMB employs business migration specialists to process these applications.

International Profiling Group - IPG
The IPG is a somewhat “clandestine” branch of INZ and is also based in Wellington. Although there is no public information on the operation of this branch we can advise that all immigration applications from some 20+ countries are redirected, after their initial lodgement, to the IPG branch for processing. As a consequence applicants from these countries can expect their applications to be subjected to additional verification procedures which will result in significant processing delays. It is expected that processing times will reduce to a more acceptable level by mid-2008.

Our understanding is that applications from the following countries are presently being processed by the IPG - Cambodia, Iran, Iraq, Myanmar, Zimbabwe and many other  African countries.


Borders & Investigation Branch - B & I
This branch operates at most border posts and throughout INZ branches in New Zealand. B & I is responsible for issuing permit revocation notices and the location and removal of people who are illegally in New Zealand.


Immigration Fraud Branch - IFB
Issues of false documentation or misrepresentation or similar are referred to the IFB for investigation and legal action as may be necessary. Presently the IFB is based in Auckland.

This page was last updated on 25 September 2009