Each person’s circumstances are different and our fees will reflect your personal immigration journey

BUSINESS AND INVESTOR APPLICATIONS are individually priced based on the application circumstances and requirements.

Your immigration journey begins the moment you start your conversation with us.

In this conversation we will talk about where you are now and where you want to get to, and the various paths your journey can take to get you there. We will discuss about your timeline and about the challenges your journey presents and will decide with you the best path to take.

Our fee is specific to your individual path and is normally paid in stages as milestones are reached along your immigration journey, with the final fee due on reaching your destination. All fees are fixed and agreed in writing before you begin.

Some journeys require significant planning and preparation while others can be straight forward. Whatever your situation our fee will directly reflect your personal circumstances and immigration requirements.

Our indicative fees provide you with general guidance and the reassurance that our fees represent excellent value for the extensive experience and specialist expertise that can contribute to you reaching your immigration destination safely.