Nitin Chandrashekar

Recruitment Consultant and Talent Acquisition Specialist

Nitin first joined the Pathways team in early 2017, after moving to New Zealand from South Korea with his wife and daughter. Nitin joined Pathways as a Recruitment Consultant and Talent Acquisition Specialist, working at the Hamilton office.

Originally from Bangalore, India, Nitin has amassed a wealth of experience in Human Resources Management and Software Development. He graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in and later completed an IBM Certification in Advanced Software Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management. Nitin began his career working as a Software Developer, before moving on to a position as Head of Talent Acquisition at Samsung R&D India, where he stayed for 11 years. He also spent a year at Samsung Electronics in South Korea as International Recruitment Manager before moving to New Zealand.

Nitin came to New Zealand to support his wife who recently undertook and successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in New Zealand. In preparing for his wife’s studies Nitin became very familiar with the study pathway options for international student s in New Zealand.

Whilst in New Zealand Nitin has furthered his career experiences within talent acquisition and has been working with Pathways as a specialist recruiter, sourcing candidates within niche information technologies in particular Microsoft Dynamics and associated technologies.

Nitin has now returned to India where he continues to represent Pathways for talent acquisition both in areas of niche technology recruitment and also as a specialist education counsellor for those seeking to further their education overseas and primarily post graduate studies in New Zealand.