Pathways is an Education New Zealand government accredited education agent and our Immigration Advisers are also licensed by the New Zealand government. We are very experienced, trusted reputed professionals committed to advising on and working in your best interests.

Our specialist team combines experience for both education and immigration advisory. They both have first hand experience of the New Zealand education system as international students and are well versed in all the process and procedural requirements to ensure a professional and stress free experience that can be relied upon.


Nitin Chandrashekar

Student Adviser

Nitin first joined the Pathways team in early 2017, after moving to New Zealand from South Korea with his wife and daughter. Nitin joined Pathways as a Recruitment Consultant and Talent Acquisition Specialist, working at the Hamilton office.

Originally from Bangalore, India, Nitin has amassed a wealth of experience in Human Resources Management and Software Development. He graduated with a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering in and later completed an IBM Certification in Advanced Software Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resources Management. Nitin began his career working as a Software Developer, before moving on to a position as Head of Talent Acquisition at Samsung R&D India, where he stayed for 11 years. He also spent a year at Samsung Electronics in South Korea as International Recruitment Manager before moving to New Zealand.

Nitin came to New Zealand to support his wife who recently undertook and successfully completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Informatics in New Zealand. In preparing for his wife’s studies and his subsequent work for Pathways Nitin has became very familiar with the study pathway options for international students in New Zealand and the potential benefits for future career and residence.

Nitin has now returned to Bangalore in India where he will continue to represent Pathways as a specialist education counselor for those seeking to further their education overseas and primarily post graduate studies in New Zealand. Nitin knows first hand how the New Zealand education experience can open doors for future opportunities and career development and along with the experience team of 11 immigration advisers is ready to support future students and talent on their immigration journey.

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Julia Zhang

Case Manager
IAA Licensed Immigration Adviser No: 201301066

Julia joined the Pathways team in October 2012 as a Client Relationship Manager. Whilst working in this role she successfully completed her Graduate Certificate in New Zealand Immigration Advice and subsequently obtained her full Immigration Advisers License in December 2013.

Since obtaining her license, Julia has operated as an immigration adviser, using her experience and multilingual communication skills to assist clients of all nationalities with a variety of visa requirements and is now Pathways student specialist, advising international students on their study options, facilitating offers of place and processing their student visa applications.

Julia is proud to call herself a Kiwi having been granted New Zealand citizenship in 2017. She first travelled to New Zealand in 2001 as an international student. She graduated with a Bachelor of Tourism Management from the Waiariki Institute of Technology in 2006, before moving to Hamilton to study a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics at the University of Waikato. After graduating in 2008, Julia worked as an ESOL teacher and an IELTS trainer, teaching English to speakers of other languages, and tutoring English speakers in Mandarin.

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