Study pathways

A student visa allows you to pursue many educational opportunities in New Zealand, from primary and secondary schooling through to university, vocational and English language studies. Students must be genuine in their study intentions, evidence there are sufficient funds available for their course fees and living costs in New Zealand (at least NZ$35,000 per annum for secondary school and NZ$40,000 to NZ$70,000 per annum for tertiary studies, inclusive of living costs, depending upon the course).

Students must also have an enrolment offer, and meet any academic and English language entry requirements before a student visa can be progressed. Pathways® is an agent for many of New Zealand’s most reputable education institutions and can assist with the enrolment process.

Most student visas for university and vocational studies enable part-time work of up to 20 hours a week while studying, and full-time work during holiday breaks. Depending on the level and type of qualification it is possible to obtain a work visa for up to 3 years following graduation. If you are wanting to bring your partner and children with you, they may apply for visas based on their relationship with you.

Studying in New Zealand opens various pathways to future job opportunities and, in many cases, to progressing the type of job required to ultimately obtain New Zealand residence - in particular, studying qualifications towards occupations which are on the Immigration Green List.

Pathways to New Zealand™ can guide you through the entire student via process, from selecting the right course for you, completing your course enrolment and managing your student visa application.


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