The Green List provides job-based residence options for migrant workers who have very specific and much needed skills. The Green List comprises of several occupations, which are divided into Tier 1 and Tier 2 roles.

Straight to Residence
If you have a job (or job offer) with an accredited employer, for a role listed on Tier 1 of the Immigration New Zealand Green List, you can make a straight-to-residence visa application. Roles on the Green List (Tier 1) include auditors, various engineering roles, a large number of health and medical roles, and also several IT roles and others.

As well as having the required job you must also have the specific credentials listed on the Green List for the role (e.g., particular qualifications or work experience or payrate). Green List straight-to-residence applications can be processed quickly and, in many cases, within a few weeks if prepared and lodged in a complete and correct manner.

Work to Residence
If you have a job (or job offer) with an accredited employer, for a role listed on Tier 2 of the Immigration New Zealand Green List, and have worked in the role for 24 months or more (after 29/09/2021), and at the required payrate, then you can be eligible to apply for residence under this pathway. Roles on the Green List (Tier 2) include a number of teaching, trades and farming roles. You will need to meet the requirements specified on the Green List for the particular role.

In addition, anyone who is in a highly-paid role can also be eligible for work-to-residence. The threshold to be highly paid is calculated at 2 x the New Zealand median wage, which currently equates to $126,386 pa.

All Green List applicants must:
  • Be aged under 56 years at the time the residence application is made
  • Meet the English language requirement
  • Be of acceptable health and character
  • Have employment (or an employment offer) which is:
    • genuine and for a minimum of 30 hours pw
    • for a permanent role or for a fixed term of at least 12 months or an acceptable contract for services
    • with an INZ accredited employer
    • a match to a Green List role and for which the applicant has the required credentials

Applicants who are not eligible to apply under the Green List should review the Skilled Migrant Category residence pathways. The SMC is a points-based category with points attributable for age, qualifications, skilled employment and work experience.

Contact a Pathways® adviser today to check your Green List eligibility.

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