Only once the Job Check token is issued can the AEWV work visa application be made.

This application will require personal details of the applicant, evidence of acceptable health and character, and documents which evidence the job applicant has the job credentials necessary to work in the offered role. The application also requires a copy of the signed employment offer and agreement.

AEWV applicants (for occupations not on the Green List, or paid at twice the median wage) must meet the minimum skills threshold of at least, either:

  • 3 years of relevant work experience, or;
  • A relevant level 4 qualification.

Skill level 4 & 5 roles must also include evidence the applicant can meeting the minimum English language requirement (equivalent to IELTS 4.0).

Separate visa applications for any accompanying family members can also be prepared and lodged together with the main AEWV application.

The AEWV application can be undertaken by the job applicant or by Pathways® on their, or the employer’s, behalf.

An AEWV application may take up to 12 weeks to process (according to the INZ website) and, on approval, a 5-year work visa will be issued – except for most skill level 4 – 5 roles where only a 2-year work visa will be granted. In addition, roles on the reduced pay exempt list will be issued work visas of shorter durations.

Please appreciate the application processing times indicated in the INZ website are very indicative and can vary significantly from actual processing times.