Pathway to NZ Residence for Halal Slaughterers19 Feb 2024

The New Zealand government has recognised the vital role halal slaughterers play in the country's multi-billion-dollar halal industry and has made it easier for such workers to now obtain residency status, and to live and work permanently in New Zealand. If you are currently working as a halal slaughterer in New Zealand, you now have a pathway to New Zealand residence!

In March 2023, halal slaughterers were added to New Zealand's Green List (Tier 2), a special designation for occupations that qualify for a fast-track to residence or to a work-to-residence pathway. This move underscores the importance of halal slaughterers to the New Zealand's economy and acknowledges the key role they play in the country's exports, as New Zealand is a major exporter of halal meat and meat products to over 130 countries globally. Skilled halal slaughterers are essential for maintaining and expanding these exports, however, there is limited availability of workers in New Zealand.

Under the Green List (Tier 2), halal slaughterers who have been employed in this role in New Zealand for at least 24 months can be eligible to apply for New Zealand residence if they also meet the following criteria:

1. The payrate must be at or above the median wage
2. Their employment must be with an Immigration NZ accredited employer
3. Employment must be full time and in a permanent or fixed-term (of at least 12 months) role
4. Be aged under 56 years
5. Meet the English language requirement (eg; IELTS 6.5)
6. Be of good health and character requirements

If you can meet these requirements, you may have a pathway to New Zealand residence and the opportunity for long-term settlement and stability in a country that values your skills and contribution. For more information and guidance please contact Pathways® Licensed Immigration Adviser Damia Roslan who would be happy to assist with your visa requirements.