Investor & Business pathways

There are two visa types which enable successful businesspeople, and entrepreneurs, to obtain New Zealand visas to invest and/or undertake business.

Active Investor Plus Category:
If you have high net worth and are able to invest between NZ$5 and NZ$15 million in New Zealand for 4 years you may be eligible under this category. This is a very complex visa category which requires very specialist advice and guidance from professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable in this key visa category.

Entrepreneur Category
If you are a successful businessperson and looking to establish an entrepreneurial business in New Zealand that will provide suitable economic benefits, then the entrepreneur pathway can be a possible option. You must have an acceptable business plan and sufficient funds in order to initially apply for an entrepreneur work visa to establish your business. This work visa can be for 3 years and once you have owned and operated your business for at least 2 years, and met the original objectives of your business plan, you may be eligible to make an entrepreneur residence application. It is fair to say, for a number of reasons, that the entrepreneur pathway to residence is one of the most challenging of all visa types and such an application should not be progressed without first obtaining the necessary guidance.

If you are considering an investor or business visa pathway, then it is extremely important that you seek expert advice in the visa process as both categories require significant strategic planning and due diligence to be undertaken at a very early stage in the process. Pathways® advisers are very experienced, and have the necessary expertise and knowledge, in these business categories to assess your eligibility and to ensure you are put on the right path from the outset.

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